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Lesson Planning 
Competition Overview

Competitors will create and deliver a lesson plan and submit a 10-minute video to share the highlights of the plan.

Lesson Planning and Delivery – Can be in Arts, Humanities, STEM, CTE, Spanish – INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION 

Participant must submit a lesson plan which includes his/her name, name of the classroom teacher and the school where the lesson was taught, grade level and subject of lesson, objective of lesson, description of practice activities, desired outcomes of the lesson, and a method of assessing whether the outcomes were achieved.  The lesson must be taught to students with the classroom teacher present.  The lesson delivery must be shared via a 10-minute video.  Video may be edited to include a compilation of important parts of the video.    The video and lesson plan must both be submitted in advance.  The meeting with the judges will consist of a 10 minute Q & A session, where the student competitor reflects upon his/her lesson and answers questions. 

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