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Creative Lecture Competition Overview

Students will design and execute a Ted Talk on the topic Teacher Salaries. Read the general overview below!

Creative Lecture (Ted Talk)- INDIVIDUAL 

Students must design and execute a Ted Talk on the following: 

  1. The topic for the 2024 Creative Lecture Competition is TEACHER SALARIES.  


PROMPT: It’s common for teachers to say they’re not in education for the paycheck. While money may not be the main motivator for teachers, they should be paid adequately for the service they provide to society. However, teacher salaries lag behind those of other professions. A 2022 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, for example, stated, “Although teachers are among the nation’s most educated workers, they earn far less on average than most other highly educated workers and their earnings have declined since 2010.”  

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the teacher shortage in many areas put a spotlight on the issue of teacher salaries. Results of the 2023 PDK Poll on Public Attitudes Toward Public Education revealed that 67% of Americans support increasing teacher salaries in their community by raising local property taxes. Support for raising teacher pay is higher among those who perceive a shortage of teachers in their community as problematic. Among those who see this as either a crisis or a serious problem, 83% support raising teacher salaries through higher property taxes.  

How can increasing teacher salaries help attract new teachers and retain current ones? Can increasing salaries draw talented candidates who might not have considered the teaching profession before?  

(Citations: &  

  • May use a slide deck but they don’t have to.  Cannot use anything that makes sound. 

  • Minimum of 4 minutes, maximum of 10.   

  • After presentation, contestants will respond to judges’ questions.   

  • Entire presentation plus questions cannot be longer than 15 minutes.   


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