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2024 Competition Winners Announcement!

Educators Rising National Conference 2024

Winners from Maryland!

The Maryland Educators Rising Chapters had the privilege of seeing four of our students make it into the top ten winners of their categories in the National competition! 

1st Place
2024 Maryland
Competition Winners

All Competition Winners


1st Place: Olivia Zitko and Ava Johnson, Towson High school

2nd: Kimora Marks, Crossland High School

3rd: Angelica Escobar and Nia Peterson, Bowie High School

4th: Ava Clark, Crossland High School

5th: Cheyenne Picket and Daphne Snyder, Westminster High School

6th: Melia Roberts, La Plata High School

7th: Yesenia Santiago and Lydia Murray, Bowie High School

8th: G'Lonte Smith, La Plata High School

9th: Nathalia Smoot, Bowie High School

10th: Olivia Giddens and Danielle Brown, Bowie High School

EdRising Moment

1st Place: Kimora Marks, Crossland High School

2nd: Gelsy Carranza, Crossland High School

3rd: Rowan Deitrick, Towson High School

4th: Sandy Xu, Carver

5th: Ava Clark, Crossland High School

6th: Jada Stubblefield, Crossland High School

7th: Leah Shelton, Crossland High School

8th: Lydia Murray, Bowie High School

9th: Isabella Winstead, Crossland High School

10th: Rosalie Caribe, Patapsco High School


1st Place: Ava Clark, Crossland High School

2nd: Kimora Marks, Crossland High School

3rd: Gelsy Carranza, Crossland High School

4th: Lilywynn Holman, Towson High School

5th: Isabel Winstead, Crossland High School

6th: Jada Stubblefield, Crossland High School


1st Place: Maggie McTimoney, Lauren Lederer, Ella Callahan, and Olivia Ziffer

2nd: Ava Johnson, Olivia Zitko, and William Gentle


1st Place: Ololade Lawrence, Western School of Technology

2nd: Miranda Benjamin, Maurice J. McDonough

3rd: Will Gentle, Towson Highschool

4th: Olivia Zitko, Towson High School

Lesson Planning

1st Place: Margaret Cidade-Harkleroad, Blake High School

2nd: Jasonta Juddah, Blake High School

3rd: Layla Ridgway, La Plata High School

Ethical Dilemma 

1st Place: Madison Gaynor, North Point High School 

Inside Our

1st Place: Jasmine, Gregory, Mia and Deshawn

2nd: Dynasia, Alayah and Alana

1st Place Winners

Children's Literature: Michelle Escobar

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