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2024 Competition Winners Announcement!

1st Place
2024 Maryland
Competition Winners

All Competition Winners


1st Place: Olivia Zitko and Ava Johnson, Towson High school

2nd: Kimora Marks, Crossland High School

3rd: Angelica Escobar and Nia Peterson, Bowie High School

4th: Ava Clark, Crossland High School

5th: Cheyenne Picket and Daphne Snyder, Westminster High School

6th: Melia Roberts, La Plata High School

7th: Yesenia Santiago and Lydia Murray, Bowie High School

8th: G'Lonte Smith, La Plata High School

9th: Nathalia Smoot, Bowie High School

10th: Olivia Giddens and Danielle Brown, Bowie High School

EdRising Moment

1st Place: Kimora Marks, Crossland High School

2nd: Gelsy Carranza, Crossland High School

3rd: Rowan Deitrick, Towson High School

4th: Sandy Xu, Carver

5th: Ava Clark, Crossland High School

6th: Jada Stubblefield, Crossland High School

7th: Leah Shelton, Crossland High School

8th: Lydia Murray, Bowie High School

9th: Isabella Winstead, Crossland High School

10th: Rosalie Caribe, Patapsco High School


1st Place: Ava Clark, Crossland High School

2nd: Kimora Marks, Crossland High School

3rd: Gelsy Carranza, Crossland High School

4th: Lilywynn Holman, Towson High School

5th: Isabel Winstead, Crossland High School

6th: Jada Stubblefield, Crossland High School


1st Place: Maggie McTimoney, Lauren Lederer, Ella Callahan, and Olivia Ziffer

2nd: Ava Johnson, Olivia Zitko, and William Gentle


1st Place: Ololade Lawrence, Western School of Technology

2nd: Miranda Benjamin, Maurice J. McDonough

3rd: Will Gentle, Towson Highschool

4th: Olivia Zitko, Towson High School

Lesson Planning

1st Place: Margaret Cidade-Harkleroad, Blake High School

2nd: Jasonta Juddah, Blake High School

3rd: Layla Ridgway, La Plata High School

Ethical Dilemma 

1st Place: Madison Gaynor, North Point High School 

Inside Our

1st Place: Jasmine, Gregory, Mia and Deshawn

2nd: Dynasia, Alayah and Alana

1st Place Winners

Children's Literature: Michelle Escobar

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