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Non-Core Subjects Judging Information

Students will explore Non-core subjects, including shadowing, interviewing a teacher, and creating a presentation about their experience

Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers Competition – INDIVIDUAL 

Participant must shadow a teacher from a non-core subject area for a total of 8 hours, and then conduct a 15-minute interview with the host teacher.  Participant must then deliver a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation between 5 and 7 minutes long, reflecting on their experience and insights gained.  Contestant will then respond to follow-up questions. Examples of non-core subject areas are agriculture, bookkeeping, accounting, business, cooperative education, health education, family and consumer sciences, technology education, marketing education, trades and industry, computer science, driver education. Journalism, outdoor education, physical education, psychology, sociology, speech, business data/processing, and library science. 

Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Training Video with Rubric
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