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Children's Literature Judging Information

This year's children's literature stories can be about anything but should reinforce academic, social, or emotional values.

Children’s Literature Competition – INDIVIDUAL OR PARTNERS (one author, one illustrator)
  • Story can be about anything but should reinforce academic or social/emotional values. 

  • There needs to be a signed statement of authenticity and there can be no help from the internet with illustrations. 

  • Presentation is 5 – 10 minutes.  A timekeeper must let them know when they are at 4 minutes and when they are at 9.  Points are deducted for being shorter than 5 minutes or longer than 10.  You must cut off at 12. 

  • After the presentation, the judges can ask questions.   

  • There are rules about the size of the book, the title page, etc. Please refer to the competition guidelines. 


K-3 Children's Literature Training Video with Rubric
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